Filled with spine-tingling tales of Burlington, Vermont’s most intriguing spirits, this book is chock full of history and mystery. A must-read for lovers of

New England ghost tales!


Thea Lewis

Remnants of Lake Champlain’s past remain along its shores. Nestled between New York’s majestic Adirondacks and Vermont’s famed Green Mountains, this region has been the site of many dark

and mysterious events.

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Creaks and groans in the night remind guests that they might not be alone in Vermont’s inns. Discover the history behind some of the Green Mountain State’s spookiest places to spend the night!

Fun for kids, too!

It’s Halloween and Lucy’s mom has laid down the law about her messy room. Will an unexpected house guest and some good old fashioned magic save the day? Find out for yourself when you read this book that’s become a holiday favorite.

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Vermont’s picturesque landscape hides a sometimes dark and desperate past.

Serial killers, the first “Birther” movement, smugglers, circus folk and more - it’s all here in Thea’s new book from

The History Press.

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